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Captured at the time of arrival - the Queen Mary in December of 1967

The Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach on the morning of December 9, 1967 and was greeted by hundreds of small craft, a large welcoming crowd and a Douglas aircraft that dropped cascades of carnations over the ship.

After the passengers breakfasted they disembarked. And very shortly thereafter so too did virtually all of the crew, with beds left unmade and the kitchens left as they were at the end of the breakfast service.  

Within days the fully functioning ship was rendered immobile by City of Long Beach officials disengaging her rudder. Over the coming months and years the five lower decks and most of power train were almost completely gutted for a proposed "Museum of the Sea" / "Cousteau Living Sea Museum" that was never completed.

The upper decks were less drastically changed, but all crew, cabin,and tourist class cabins were removed as was the crucial working alley. And only a few of her roughly dozen passenger elevators were kept in working order. Before any of these changes began, a photographer shot the principal interiors in full color as they were left by Cunard.  

Recently a reader, who happens to run the amazing Facebook page on the historic Queen Mary sent me these photographs.  (See:  I am showing them here with a few others that were on the AV website and some were on the Yahoo Queen Mary site in folders provided by readers.  They capture a truly pivotal moment in time in the life of the Queen Mary.

The Main Hall


The Main Hall as seen after arrival in Long Beach in December of 1967.

    The First Class Library 

The First Class Drawing Room


The forward end of the first class Drawing Room.  Note the folding screen of a harbor scene painted by Kenneth Shoesmith, ROI, that covered the Catholic altar when not in use as a chapel.    This screen is now displayed on D Deck.


The starboard passageway leading towards the Observation Bar.

The Observation Bar.

                                     The Observation Bar as seen shortly after arrival in Long Beach. 




The First class Main Lounge



The Long Gallery/Midships Bar

                             The forward end of the Long Gallery/Midships Bar as is looked in December of 1967. 


The First Class Smoking Room

The first class smoking room as seen in December of 1967.                                                    


                     The Second Class Smoking Room  


The forward end of the Cabin/Second Class Smoking Room.



The Verandah Grill

The Verandah grill as photographed in December of 1967 after arrival in Long Beach.   


The Cabin/Second Class Main Lounga aka The Flamenco Room

A view of the forward end of the Cabin/Second Class Main Lounge in its "Flamenco Room" decor.


Two other views of this room taken at the same time from the Alternative Vision website.

R Deck



The First Class swimming pool as it looked upon arrival in Long Beach with its glass mosaic artwork still intact.                                                   

The First Class Restaurant



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