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Restroom refurbishment on Long Beach's Queen Mary.

The operator has started the planned renovations to the restrooms on Long Beach's Queen Mary.  Amongst those targeted first are the two associated with the restaurants created in the Long Beach conversion of the RMS Queen Mary, that is Lord Nelson's and Lady Hamilton's, currently called the Promenade Cafe and the Chelsea Chowder House.

In the 1968-1971 Long Beach conversion of the ship, the first class starboard writing room off the main hall was converted into a ladies restroom.  See below a photograph of that writing room after the post World War 2 refit.  (Note the clerestory art glass added that depicted writing instruments.  Also note the segments of the custom carpet removed from the pre-war Starboard Gallery that were reused here.)


In any case this room was refurbished in place as a restroom - a clear indication that there will be no major rethinking of the operation on Long Beach's Queen Mary while the City owns it.

(left) Ladies room entrance from Main Hall. (right) Shop inserted into second funnel shaft. 

The men's room associated with the Promenade Cafe was also refurbished. This room actually was a restroom that once served the former Main Lounge. (The style chosen is probably indicative of what was used in the ladies room as well, although a lighter colored tile was chosen for the ladies room, as seen from a glimpse in the entrance.)

A copy of an historic photograph shows Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, inspecting a selection of pastries on the in-service Queen Mary. Not exactly what I would expect at the entrance to the men's loo.

The fixtures chosen for the refurbishment, while handsome,  are a replacement for the utilitarian 1970's fixtures that were in place there. No attempt was made to make this restroom look as it did while the Queen Mary was at sea.  The publisher of the RMS Queen Mary Facebook page sent me a photo of the floor in the original men's room on promenade deck just forward of the first class smoking room. (This restroom has been used as a storage space such since the Queen Mary came to Long Beach.)

    Photo taken by Sean Hankins in 2007.

The art deco pattern found in mosaic is original, intriguing,  recoverable, but is apparently not valued by the owner, the lessee,  nor their operations staff.  It provides an insight into the level of detail probably found in all of the original restrooms on promenade deck, including the one just simply renovated.  Unfortunately, like most areas on the Queen Mary that are designated as a "storage" spaces in the lease/maintenance agreement,  it is in dire condition. 


The mens and womens rooms on R deck aft have also been renovated similarly to the work done on Promenade deck restrooms.  Above is a photo of the mens room,  once part of the chief purser's quarters.  This facility now serves the former first class dining room, AKA  in Long Beach as The Grand Salon.


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