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New Exhibits at the Queen Mary

                                     Updated September 24, 2011

Several new exhibits were displayed very recently at the Queen Mary,  I understand that thanks go to manager, Mr. Brian Panozzo, with the able volunteer assistance of Mr. Everette Hoard.   Mr. John Thomas has served as a consultant on many of these installations.

Promenade Deck -  Main Hall Exhibits

Items associated with the Observation Bar. 

This original bar stool was pulled from forward storage and polished up by Everette Hoard.  He tells me that it is probably silver and bronze.  He used a three part process, "just as you would in detailing a very badly maintained old car."  Bravo.  Perhaps this will serve as an inspiration for the restoration of the Observation Bar itself.

The silver duck press.

S. Nicholson Babb' sculpture of "Jupiter and Europa" was originally displayed in the port side forward seating area of the first class Main Lounge, an area now used as a banqueting chair storage area. 

The operator very recently has moved this work of art to a more prominent position on the port side of the Main Hall.  The original patina on these sculptures was removed by a previous operator allowing unqualified housekeeping staff to polish then.   At some point perhaps it will be restored.  This problem points to the lack of City supervision of this very valuable asset.  If such a thing happened with the less valuable art at the Long Beach Museum of Art, someone would be fired.  At the Queen Mary, a mere shrug seems to suffice.

The Queen Mary's weather vane.  (This was restored and displayed on B deck forward a few years ago.)  The weather vanes has replaced the exhibit of the very tired looking wedding dress that was used to sell wedding chapel services.

The Astor Cup, donated by Lady Nancy Astor to the crew and the silver cup that was used on the Captain's table are now displayed on the starboard side of the Main Hall.

Gilbert Bayes sculpture entitled "The Sea King's Daughter" was also recently has moved to the starboard side of the Main Hall.

A display of recreation equipment found on the starboard side of the Main Hall.

The sporting equipment was recently replaced with additional serving silver.

Main Deck Exhibits

A display of objects used in the kosher food service. 

This exhibit was recently installed on Main Deck adjacent to the Travel Bureau.  The actual kosher kitchen survives in a highly degraded state.  It was requisitioned by the RMS Foundation/QSDI, the former long time operator, for incorporation as a background "haunted space"  in the "Ghost and Legends Tour".  Perhaps this display signifies some realization of the cultural importance of this kosher food preparation area, the first on a commercial ocean liner, by the City of Long Beach.

Objects associated with first class dining on the Queen Mary are displayed on the other side of the Travel Bureau.

The RMS Foundation Display of Queen Mary objects in the central portion of the former third class dining room on R. Deck appears to be closed.  Perhaps that room might be reassembled and restored for use as a banqueting and meeting space in the future.

Display of works by Kenneth Shoesmith on D deck.

Will Kane and consultant John Thomas were involved with the display of the Kenneth Shoesmith art.

The Kenneth Shoesmith screen that once covered the Madonna of the Atlantic, also by Shoesmith, when not in use as the reredos of the Catholc altar in the drawing room. 

This important screen has been in storage for over a decade.  It is reunited with Shoesmithl's painting of the Madonna of the Atlantic that it once covered at the entrance to the QM exhibit on D deck aft.  Until both can be put back in situ on Promenade Deck, this is a secure way to display these works of art.


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