cinemafan2 (cinemafan2) wrote,

The Gang's All Here ....

A much clearer version of the movie premiere of "She Done Him Wrong" in very early 1933.  This film helped saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy in the Great Depression.  Mae West, its star, hams it up for the cameras big time.

We see the king and queen of Hollywood, then Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford -- but not together.  (They were divorced by then.)  We see Clark Gable and his second wife Rhea out with Ruth Etting.  (Rhea helped orchestrate Gable's Hollywood social life.) We also see Carole Lombard out with a group of friends.   Finally we see Russ Columbo out with Sally Blane, Loretta Young's sister. 

As they say, the gang's all here.  It was a grand moment for them.


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