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R Deck Display Cabinet on the orignal Queen Mary

Recently Mr. Everette Hoard, the retail manager of Stacks took the lead in renovating the exhibits on display in the cabinet in the former first class entry on R deck.  The results show how attractive the Queen Mary can be when cared for properly.  Mr. Hoard cleaned and polished the wood and installed new exhibits with the able assistance of sometimes actor and longtime tour guide, Mr. Will Caine, who also functions as the acting "exhibits manager".  

Despite being the only world class historic venue in the city and the property of the City of Long Beach, the operation is forced to rely on the efforts of volunteers such as Mr. Hoard and amateurs such as Mr. Caine because the City refuses to take responsibility for the preservation and interpretation program of the ship.  The high level of professional staff and effort seen in both of the city owned ranchos and at the Aquarium of the Pacific is nowhere to be seen aboard the illustrious RMS Queen Mary.

The leftmost portion as you face the cabinet highlights the annual  Art Deco Festival.  (See below.)

The central sections highlights the annual Scottish Festival. (See below.)

And the rightmost section highlights the annual New Years program on the Queen Mary.  (See below.)

The area that is symetrically parallel to the case on the starboard side is still awaiting attention.  (See the odd tape shadow in the upper portion of the photo below.)

Also awaiting attention is the original signage above the entrance to the swimming pool.  The metal letters are incomplete and the metal banding has been loose for many years.  (See below.)

The fine results in the renovation of the portside display cabinet shows how well the paneling cleans up.  This offers hope for a future restoration of the woodwork in this very public space and throughout the ship.  With proper training and supervision the housekeeping staff can become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  See the results of over cleaning of the metal work by untrained and possibly unsupervised staff on the paneling in this  area and throughout the ship below.  This over cleaning affects not only the valuable wood paneling but the fine art thoughout the ship.


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