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Reason for our concern

Below are two sideview illustrations of the Queen Mary.

The first one illustrates the division of space aboard the Queen Mary by class while the Queen Mary was in service.  The white areas were either crew quarters or mechanical spaces.  (You need to double or triple click on the illustration to see it full size.)

The second version illustrates the Queen Mary today.  The orange overlay shows the vast areas of the ship that were severely impacted or obliterated by the Long Beach conversion and subsequent changes such as those on-going on Sun Deck today. 

  • No second and third class cabins now exist.
  • All crew cabins with the exception of a few deck officers cabin have been destroyed.
  • Most of the propulsion system was destroyed..
  • Many of the public rooms were also changed or obliterated. 
  • The working alleys by which the ship was serviced were also essentially destroyed. 

What remains is the area highlighted in yellow that was first class.  But even here changes were and are still being made that obliterate many original amenities and features.


It is crucial that the destruction stop and that key landmarks be established for protection and restoration on every deck.  The damage done in the recent renovation of the "Queen's Salon" to the parquet floor illustrates the continuing problem even in a supposedly preserved first class area.  The original handsome inlaid floor was water damaged but salvageable.  Instead it was simply obliterated. 

This action underscores the seriousness of the preservation problem on the Queen Mary today.   When questioned about the destruction, those responsible tried to justify it by invoking the Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.  

Suja Lowenthal, the city council person responsible for the Queen Mary gives John Thomas, Garrison's historic consultant, a citation recognizing the historic importance of the Queen Mary.

So while those responsible are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back, admirers of the historic Queen Mary are shaking their heads and watching with chagrin.  Where will it end?  The public has a right to see the real Queen Mary, not just some tired old exhibits about the Queen Mary, shown amidst childish ghost tours and low rent motorcycle and tattoo festivals.


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