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475 East Town Street Columbus Ohio

Last updated December 14, 2012

In early 2012 my niece, Cathy Geppert, and her husband, Jeff Geppert, purchased a house in Columbus, Ohio located at 475 East Town Street.  In August the family moved in.  Below are some photos of the house as it was when purchased and then some taken as they moved in.

                   475 East Town Street as it looks today.

Some historic background.  Simon A. and Clara G. Burgunder purchased the lot and the adjacent lot on which the house was built in 1899 and soon after built two houses for their twin daughters.  Both houses were mirror images of each other and were originally finished in brick in the then popular Queen Anne style.

The Harry M. Daugherty house at 481 East Town Street was the twin house of 475 East Town Street.  This brick house is now stuccoed.  Harry M. Daugherty was U.S. Attorney General in the Warren G. Harding administration.  His library survives on the third floor, otherwise the interior has been renovated to suggest New York Soho offices and lofts.

In 1903 Frank A. and Carrie J. Davis purchased the house at 475 E. Town Street and around 1914-1915 extensively remodeled it.  They stuccoed over the brick and installed new dormers.  They purchased limestone stone work from a castle in Scotland, had it disassembled, shipped and then reassembled on the front of the house giving their home a chateauesque appearance.


A view of the porch with the limestone detailing (above) and a view of Topiary Park from the porch (below).


The view from the front porch across the street to Topiary Park.
                                             The gatehouse to Topiary Park.

Some time later Mr. Davis built an addition onto the back to house a solarium whose walls and floor are covered with 5,500 Rookwood Pottery tile.  It is a truly amazing room.

The back side entrance.

The two story garage/carriage house behind the main house.

The interior of the solarium on the second floor of the main house contains 5,500 Rookwood tiles on its walls and floor.

The coved ceiling is moulded plaster.
Rookwood Room 5
As initially furnished by the Gepperts in September, 2012.

Sadly, Mrs. Davis died in 1914.  Mr. Davis remarried and proceeded with the project.  He imported a crew of highly skilled German craftsmen who spent two years embellishing the interiors.  They built custom paneling on both the first and the second floors.   Elegant marble mantlepieces were imported from Europe and added to all the principal rooms of the house.

Jeff Geppert caught peeking out of the front door.

September 7, 2012.  "First cut" at furnishing the front hall.

12_10_2012 034

Ready for the holidays, December 8, 2012

October 18, 2012

The Music Room

The mantle in the front parlor or music room is of yellow Sienna marble (above) while the wood is butternut.

As first furnished Sepember 7, 2012.

12_10_2012 040
The room comes alives with live music on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Front bay
Front bAY 3


The fireplace in the great room/library (above) is of white Carrara marble while the wood is cherry.

12_10_2012 025
The library as dressed for the holidays, December 8, 2012.

The Dining Room

12_10_2012 014
As set for lunch on December 8, 2012.
12_10_2012 017

The mantle in the dining room is of Sienna marble.

Fortunately, one room in the house, the kitchen, has been thoroughly updated.

The Morning Room

The carving in the woodwork in the front upstairs morning room is amongst the best in the house.

The Master Bedroom

The paneling of another of the upstairs bedrooms (see below) is based on that of late 18th century France.

The bathroom off of the master suite created by Mr. Sloter circa 1998 from the  dressing room.

The original second floor bathroom.

Turning this house into a comfortable home while fully respecting both the interior and exterior architecture will be a challenge that is right up Cathy and Jeff's alley.  But they did it earlier with their house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cathy even got it listed on the National Register before she was finished with it.  So I'm sure that they can do it again in Columbus, Ohio.  And in the ten year interim she has used the opportunity of furnishing their home in Sacramento, California to build up a fine collection of antique furnishings that should be very useful at 475 East Town Street.

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