August 28th, 2011

The Queen Mary - update

Very recently I've noticed an improvement in two areas on the Queen Mary. 1. All three funnels were lit last night. For months, if not years the forward funnel has been dark on the starboard side. But last night at least it glowed.

Friday August 25, 2011

Saturday, August 26, 2011 - all three funnels lit.

2. Housekeeping at least attempting to dust the ventilators in the Main Square.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011  - perhaps not perfect, but at least an effort.

In the beginning ....

In this photo essay I am assembling photos taken on the Queen Mary during her original fitting out in the spring of 1936, some taken just prior to her maiden voyage, and others during her maiden voyage and during her first seasons on the North Atlantic.  These photos show the ship as originally conceived and provide a lively contrast to to the ship we found in the photos taken after her arrival in Long Beach in 1967 and the even more so from those taken in 1979 that shows the ship as presented to the public in Long Beach.

Current R Deck - originally called  C deck.

This deck is where the main dining rooms or restaurants for the three classes of service were located as well as the first class swimming pool.  (The Verandah Grill, a specialty restaurant and a nightclub, was the only exception.)    


The main dining room for cabin class as first class was called pre-war is seen being installed in February or March of 1936.  Note the mirrored buffet in the forward center of the room.  It was removed in the Long Beach conversion.  The current location of the etched  mirrored art work that hung above it is unknown.  
                                     A side view of the room.


The Second Class Dining Room


The etched mirrored backdrop survived in place until the 1980's.  Where is this decorative art work now?  Is anybody accountable for anything on Long Beach's Queen Mary?

The tourist class dining room as the second class dining room was called pre-war.  This large dining room was dismantled in Long Beach.

(left) Passengers enjoying dinner in the "second" class dining room circa 1936-37. (right)  A sample of the pink fabric used on the chairs in this restaurant/dining room.  It was sold on ebay recently. 

                            The Third Class Dining Room

The third class restaurant's dining room as seen pre-war.  This room was also intact until the middle 1980's.

The First Class (called cabin class pre-war) Swimming Pool 

A pre-maiden voyage photo of the first class swimming pool.  The diving boards were removed prior to the maiden voyage for safety concerns. Again the glass mosaic art piece was in place when the RMS Queen Mary steamed into Long Beach.  Where is it now?