December 3rd, 2011

A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Queen Mary - Part 2

In my continuing effort to publicize the preservation and restoration needs on the historic RMS Queen Mary, we now proceed down to R deck, (originally call C deck) where at one time the three major passenger dining rooms or "restaurants" for the three classes of service were located.  
  • The central kitchens were located in-between the first and second class restaurants.  While the kitchens for the third class restaurant were located one deck below.
  • The entrance to the grand first class swimming pool and spa was located on this deck and absorbed space two decks down including its basin  just forward of the first class (called cabin class prewar) restaurant.
Looking at what remains in useable form, that is the first class restaurant, now called The Grand Salon for multi-purpose catering/banqueting services and its adjacent kitchens, one can still be quite impressed at the grandeur and beauty of the Queen Mary.   It is only when you see what is hidden from the public view that the devastation wrought by the City of Long Beach and their lessees on the ship becomes apparent.

... to be continued...