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C. Rebel Stanton

One of the least known artists of the Queen Mary is C. Rebel Stanton.  "The Art of the Queen Mary" anthology published by the Robert Gumbiner Foundation says only that Stanton was "a painter trained a an architect."  No birth date or death date are given.   My research has found that C. (for Charles) Rebel Stanton was an illustrator, working throughout the 1920's for the Illustrated London News and creating posters.  


Stanton completed the monumental bas-relief decorative mural panel with a clock depicting a nude woman reaching up toward a sphere that is the mural's clock.  This mural graced the aft bulkhead of the second class overflow lounge during the entire sea life of the Queen Mary.  It is listed as lost now although I have seen it listed as present on an early Long Beach inventory.  



                                         The mural is on the aft bulkhead in the above photo.

The paneling in this room was removed and destroyed in the Long Beach conversion.  The space is now called the Capstan Room and serves as yet another of the undifferentiated catering/meeting rooms of the Hotel Queen Mary.

Amongst Stanton's other known works are the following.  (Stanton clearly had a fine appreciation for the nude female figure.) 

                       (left)  A female nude on a bench. (right) A female nude with swans.
And the following:                                   
Portrait of a woman, probably of a relative according to Stanton's great nephew.  This photo of the now lost painting was taken in the early 1930's.


The inspiration for this illustration comes from 'The Witch of Atlas' by Percy Bysse Shelley (1792-1822). In Greek mythology, the naiad was a fresh water nymph, whose essence was bound to her spring; if her body of water dried, she died. The nymphs depicted here are the crinaeae, naiads specifically associated with fountains

                  And a series of illustrations by Stanton ....

Perhaps Stanton's architectural training came into play in this the latest work by him that I have located. This illustration was provided by Katherine Field, the owner of the painting.  She wrote me that "....there is a rather horrific beauty to it. The colours don't quite translate, it is cooler in tone than appears here...."

          London Blitz, 1940, Chancery Lane from Dean Street. 17th July, 1941. Oil on canvas, 20 x 25 ins.

I still want to establish the birth and death dates for Mr. Stanton as well as detail his artistic training, describe his stylistic development, techniques and media used and his employment history.  Any information on his personal life, relationships and personality is also of interest.

See also: 

http://cinemafan2.livejournal.com/434.html  for a description of Mr. Robin Jacobs reduced size reproduction of the Stanton mural. 

http://www.sterling.rmplc.co.uk/visions/overflow.html for a description of the second class overflow lounge of the Queen Mary as designed and built and as modified over the years.

"The Art of the Queen Mary", by Douglas M. Hinkley, ISBN 0-9630584 2-8, published in 1994 by the Hippodrone Galleries of FHP Healthcare, Long Beach, California.  See pages 29 and 61.



Rebel Stanton


I'm an art dealer and have acquired a large number of works by Rebel Stanton and accompanying ephemera. This is the second cache of work I've found by him. They comprise a large number of drawings of bomb damage in the aftermath of the Blitz. Most of them are graphite but there are also some oils and gouaches and most are signed and dated (1941). Like you, I have only sketchy information, mostly derived from news agency copy on the back of photographs.

I'll be showing the pictures in a special wartime exhibition at the BADA Fair in Chelsea next month.


Andrew Sim
Sim Fine Art

Re: Rebel Stanton

Best wishes for your showing of Rebel Stanton's WW2 work. Any infomation you gather on Mr. Stanton woulds be a welcome addition to my blog on him.

Bill Cwiklo


Re: Rebel Stanton

I have a rural farmyard painting by C.Rebel Stanton, dated 1917. It does not seem to tie in with the style of pictures shown, but other relatives have similar styles to mine,apparently by him.
He was a friend of my grandfather, George Howard, who lived in Dulwich. I could send you a photo of a portrait of my mother, signed by him, if only i knew how to do it on the internet!

Re: Rebel Stanton

I'd appreciate the photo of the painting of your mother. You just need to take a digital photo of it and attach it to an email that you send me.

Bill Cwiklo


Rebel stanton

I own 2 Stanton watercolours bought by my grandparents in the 1930's, both featuring hoards of naked flapper girls! I'll happily send you pics if you tell me your email. They were friends with RC and members of some art society in London together.

A Telfer

Re: Rebel stanton

Thanks I'd like to see them. My email address is Wcyclops@aol.com. Rebel appears to have been a bit of a rebel.

Bill Cwiklo