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Beachcomber Club on the Queen Mary

As mentioned in the entry of November 8, 2009, the overflow lounge on A deck aft was transformed in the 1960's into the Beachcomber Club as a haven for teenagers. A jukebox and a bowling alley were added to this room as was a soft drink bar.

The following photo of the redecorated room was provided by Brian Hawley of Luxury Liner Row. 


Brian wrote:

"Attached is a photo of the room as the Beachcomber Club from a mid-1960's deck plan. I am sure you have seen this shot before. I think Cunard just re-decorated the room as they were doing fleet wide in the 1960's. Caronia for example got her suites re-done circa 1965 that resulted in new fabrics and colors but left the room mostly intact. Her lounge was also expanded at this time but mostly very little changed. Sure the chairs were re-covered but the same furniture from 1949 was used.

While a lot of these fleet-wide changes are debatable as to taste what is not as debatable is the cheaper fashion in which these changes were carried out. Dressing up the Long gallery with a new bar and leather wall panels or new paint along with lattice work in the "Flamenco room" are good examples. I know you know all about this. My point is I think the beachcomber was just another low cost attempt to update the ship. The grass walls more than likely covered the original art. Note the rest of the room is much the same. Furniture, light fixtures, paneling, shape, etc are all the same. The major changes are the grass walls and plastic plants along with a juke box. Why take down the art?

The art in the "Flamenco" room was also similarly covered up. Circumstantial evidence to be sure but decent reasoning I believe. So I think your inventory is correct. The question becomes where is the artwork now?"

That remains a question. 
For a discussion of the second class overflow lounge, please see:

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