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RMS Queen Mary Decking Working

                             Last updated August 7, 2011

I've been covering the decking working in progress on the starboard side of the enclosed promenade of the Queen Mary since I saw work begin in April.   See also:
As a result of humid weather the prefered sealer refused to dry in early July.


However, the forward area of the decking that was stained and covered with a blotchy finish last week was now stripped of most of that finish and was open to the public.


The freshness and the resemblance to the area as built is now more readily apparent.   


As I looked at the area far forward I could see that the stain and top coat were not entirely removed from the area adjacent to the Observation Bar.


So it is apparent that the finish was removed out of necessity as it didn't work.  I stopped a manager and said that the decks look better now without the stain and seal and pointed out that they were not stained or varnished originally.  He said he was aware of that but that they were concerned about food spills and maintenance.  I suggested that some finish that did not stain or "seal" the decks might be possible.  He said that they were "looking into it."

                         Looking aft towards the entrance to the Promenade Cafe.

        The drains and scuppers as they are....


                Deck tennis tables set up and in use on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

And so the decking work continues.....

The teak decking on a contemporary luxury cruise ship.  And how the teak decks looked like on the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth when they were in service.



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