cinemafan2 (cinemafan2) wrote,

The Capstan Deck - as is was.

Following are a series of photos taken by Bob Lenzer in the aft area of the Queen Mary in Long Beach in the 1980's.  The Capstan Deck at A deck level would soon change beyond recognition.  In these photographs we see the mechanical equipment that was still in place and competed with use of this deck as a recreation space for hotel guests.

The view looking aft from Promenade deck down to Main deck and the Capstan deck beyond.

The Capstan Club as renovated by Disney as a lounge and exercise area for hotel guests use.

And the Capstan Deck as it is in 2011.  It was cleared off virtually all working equipment by Disney in the late 1980's.  It was recovered with a decking veneer in early 2011 by Save The Queen/Garrison for use as a catering space.


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